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Ticket Websites – Affordable and Powerful

Top Reason To Choose Ticket Platform To Build Your Site

Lowest Price Guarantee
Even though we feel that our product is superior to what our competitors offer, we go toe to toe with anyone on pricing. Rest assured that you will pay the lowest design fee for temple sites, fully customized sites and/or your monthly subscription fee.
True SEO Infrastructure
The PXS LightSwitch Application which you will use to manage and develop your ticketing website was built with SEO in the forefront of our minds. We had to build it that way because we have an in-house SEO department that needs to be able to use it. With the PXS LightSwitch system you can easily access all your performer or venue pages to modify the titles, meta description and keywords and much much more.
Application vs Static Site = Application Wins.
Having a static site means that your technology, features and controls will eventually become out dated. The service provider generally charges to apply upgrades and updates but not if you subscribe to an application. Ticket Platform is the only service provider that offers an application based CMS (Content Management System) which means you never have to worry about paying for updates and upgrades. It's on the house. Keep with the times and go with the Application option only provided by Ticket Platform.
More Features than the competition
The PXS Application is rich with controls such as internal blogging system, news feed creator, client polls, performer RSS control, Bing integration, drag and drop page editor and more. Simply put, we have the better product for the price.
LightSwitch 3.0 (tm) Feature
The PXS LightSwich 3.0 is the only system in the ticket industry that allows you to switch between exchanges with "1 Click". That's right, if you choose to switch between exchanges you no longer need to worry about having to build a new ticketing site. In 2012, Ticket Platform gave power back to the ticket reseller by allowing them to switch between exchanges on the go. Don't get bullied by an exchange. Let them know you can switch on the fly. Please note that we no longer offer the Telerik Sitefinity CMS (content management system) which our custom ticketing modules and controls sat on. We now offer our own PXS LightSwitch 3.0 CMS, powered by Ticket Platform.

Setup A Consultation

We’ve taken the mystery out of web development for online ticket sellers with our powerful Content Management System, the PXS LightSwitch 3.0 ™, which helps you manage, develop and grow your new ticket websites and take it to the next level.  The PXS LightSwitch 3.0 application is geared to help you with every aspect of your online ticket selling experience.

Coming out of the gate, you have to design how customized you want your site to be.  Fully customized or if you’re happy choosing an awesome template design and just having us change your logo to match the site.  We even resell ticket websites from users who want to sell their ticketing websites.  So coming out of the gate you have 3 options to choose from: Custom Design, Template Design (saves you money) or a pre-owned site (which includes domain ownership).  Once you decide which path to take, know that all roads lead to the PXS LightSwich application which is the engine or CMS that runs the site.  So all users us the same exact CMS to manage their site no matter which path you start to setup your ticketing site.

Please note that we no longer offer the Telerik Sitefinity CMS (content management system) which our custom ticketing modules and controls sat on. We now offer our own PXS LightSwitch 3.0 CMS, powered by Ticket Platform.

Ticket Websites Designs & Setup Options

  • Full Custom Design Option

With this baby there really is no limit.  Creativity is your playground.  You will be assigned with one of our top US grown, raised and educated graphic artists and together with a few other team members you will join us in our project management environment to create your new ticketing website from scratch.  This option on the average takes 2-3 weeks from inception to going live.

  • Template Design Ticket Websites Option

This option will save you money.  So if you see a template design from this page that you like, we will build you a logo to match and you are out of the gate quickity split.  This option on the average takes 5-10 days from inception to going live.

  • Pre Owned Ticket Websites Option

For one reason or another some users want to sell their ticketing websites.  They may want to simply get out of the business or they may want to capitalize on their efforts by offering their site up for sale.  This option comes with domain ownership and the process of transferring a site from one user to another generally takes about 5-7 days.

Once you have chosen the design element option of your new ticketing site, a sales representative will review with you your monthly subscription and bundle options for the use of the PXS LightSwitch application which you will use to manage and develop your site.  Rest assure that we offer the lowest subscription prices in the industry and offer a 100% guarantee that you will pay the lowest advertised prices for your new ticket website.

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