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What constitutes a quality ticket broker website?

This is a question that all online ticket sellers that are going to or have a  ticket web site should be asking themselves.  First and foremost a ticket site should offer something of true value.  The days of getting a clone generic ticket site and raking up fake back links and hoping to climb the search engine ranks is over.  Your online ticket website should be of true value to the end user.  Well then the next logical question is how one does that.   Here are the top 10 ways to make your online ticket site succeed.


  1. Customized Look and Feel – If your site looks like everyone else’s logically the end user will think your site is a robot generated ticket site and your drop rate will show for it.  Have a brand and a niche in what you specialize in
  2. Have Something To Say – The content on your site or performer pages should be unique.  Have something of value to share with the end user
  3. Make it Sticky – Create content like helpful or entertaining videos to keep the user on your site.  Statistics show that the longer you keep them on your site the higher the chances of them buying some tickets from your site
  4. Make Pages Easy to Navigate – Don’t overdo your performer pages with too much distracting content.  Get them there, keep them interested and guide them to move forward in the purchase process
  5. Work on your SEO Development – Don’t think just because you have a pretty ticket web site that people are just going to flock to your site and buy tickets from you.  You have to have a comprehensive strategy on developing your search engine optimization.
  6. Develop your Affiliates – Start associating your new ticket web site with other sites that compliment your site with Good Google Page Ranking.
  7. Solid Checkout Pages – Make sure your checkout pages are constantly conveying security, trust and a sense of commitment to the end user.  Your checkout pages should guide them towards a purchase.
  8. Don’t worry about the competition – There will always be other online ticket sellers.  Don’t compare yourself with others just develop what you do best.  That’s how Ticket Platform became #1.  If we focused on bad mouthing our competition and much as they do us, we would be where they are.  Instead we don’t believe in a scarce mentality but think there is plenty for everyone.  Focus on your ticket site.  Before you know it the competition will be following you to see what you’re doing that makes your succeed, and reading an article just like this.
  9. Give Back – Find a way to give back to the community and watch great things happen.
  10. Develop you Social Network – It’s the waive of the future.  Don’t be afraid of learning this new way of communicating with your new potential clients.  It will pay huge dividends.

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