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Top Ticket Sites

What constitutes a top ticket site? First and foremost like anything else in life that is worthwhile, your ticket site needs your time and attention. If you plan on getting an online ticket site, paying someone a few hundred dollars (which is impossible because integrating the data feed from an exchange is not an everyday task and they’ll just quit on you) and hoping it going to make your tens of thousands of dollars you’re going to waste your $300. Nor attempting to outsmart Google with fake landing page, you so called ticket site is going to be in for a rude awakening when Google slaps the hand cuffs on you.

Like anything else in life, the product you put out there has to be of substance and of use to others. This is one of the most ingenious aspects of Google’s algorithms; they look for what’s real. Write helpful content, get help if necessary but put something out there that has your point of view and of service to your clients.

In short, make sure you have a ticket site that is built with good integration to your exchange, has a powerful CMS with good useful modules and controls, is built for online marketing development and has unique and useful content. If you have a budget for an online marketing program like the ones we offer, great and finally make sure your site is built for conversion.

If you meet these criteria you will have a top ticket site, it may not garnish a huge market share but you’re on the right path.

Pace yourself, budget and get help from people you trust.

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