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Ticket Website for Sale

It is true we offer customized ticket websites for sale but we also offer pre built ticket websites that were once owned at a discounted rate.  There are times that online ticket sellers who get into the ticket business for one reason or another no longer want or need their ticket web site.  So instead of letting the domain and website go to waist they ask Ticket Platform to help them sell their ticket websites.

Here is a link to our the page on our website where you can find these pre owned ticket websites for sale.  There are generally two options when buying these sites. One option comes with the domain ownership of the online ticket site and the other option does not.  There is always a one time setup fee (which may or may not include domain ownership) then each user simply picks the monthly subscription rate to use our PXS Application to manage and develop their ticket site.  Learn more about the PXS Application here, The PXS Application is the ticket industries most comprehensive content management system (CMS)

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