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Ticket Broker Websites

Is there really any money to be made having a ticket broker website now a day? The answer is yes.  Even though the market is saturated with thousands of ticket broker web sites the reality is that the top 5% are reaping 95% of the market share.  We are talking about a 6 billion dollar ticket industry.  The secondary ticket market is growing and has been growing every year for the past 10 years.  Online ticket broker or online ticket sellers are coming out of the woodworks to get a piece of this market share.  So having a ticket broker website is still worthwhile.

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The reality is that you want to work on getting as close to the top 5% of online ticket sellers as you can, and as you forge your way forward you will come to find out that your online ticket sales correlating directly to how much time and effort you spend in optimizing your site.  Don’t be fooled that you will get a ticket broker siteand the next day sales are going to come in, maybe from you friends and family but not from the general online market.  Refer to our previous blog about what constitutes a good online ticket site.

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