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Successful Ticket Business

Want to know how to have a Successful Ticket Business? Let’s start with the crab theory.  Imagine a bucket of live crabs, whenever one crab attempts to escape the bucket by climbing out of it, the others reach up and pull it back down.  The crab theory, we see this clearly in ticket business, mostly from the competition and usually with people we associate with who want to do what we are doing but just don’t. They talk about the things we’re doing, but never take action themselves, so when they see our success they try to bring us down. They sometimes go with negative jokes or jabs and other times blatantly lie and attack us.

We hear from clients who choose to do business with us that during their due diligence process, the competition has made it part of their pitch to somehow talk negatively about us. The trick becomes finding a way of letting go of what others, especially those who do not have your best interest in mind think of you and continue to do what you do best.  Improve one’s business model and product and not the chatter in.

We get many new online ticket sellers ask us, why should I take the plunge and try to compete with people who are already on page 1 of Google for so long, how can the Ticket Platform online marketing programs help me? They almost talk themselves right out of it. Our answer is that there are more people not taking action than those taking action.

Here are Ticket Platform’s 7 Rules For A Successful Business


  1. Never compare yourself or your company to others.
  2. Be original don’t copy.
  3. Never talk negatively about the competition.
  4. Be innovative and progressive in what you do.
  5. Take Action.
  6. Think Win/Win.
  7. Don’t hold grudges.

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