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Power To The Online Ticket Seller

Flip The Switch On Your Ticket Exchange


Ticket Platform has been working diligently on the release of PXS2.0 in time for the Ticket Summit in Las Vegas (July 11-13).  Our focus for 2.0 has been to give the power back to the online ticket seller.  The Exchanges certainly are a necessary component in the equation of selling tickets online but they should not dictate or mandate the process of ticketing.  Ticket Platform has come up with a solution to give the power back to the ticket seller.  In PXS2.0 you will no longer be pigeon held into living with an exchange that is not treating you right.  You will not need to create a new website in order to have the new feed of a new exchange; you’ll simply flip the switch.


With the PXS2.0 we’ve integrated a multi exchange module that can gives our users the ability to simply move to a new exchange with a few simple setting adjustments.  In version 2.0.5 we will also release content rollover from your performer pages, so once you add unique or shared content to your performer pages they will stay while you switch between exchanges.  PXS2.0 will release with Ticket Network and Ticket Evolution as its primary two exchanges and in future releases, if we see the demand we will add additional exchanges.  The concept here is simple, let the user choose, let the user have the power of choice and let it be easy.


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