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Our graphic designers and programmers are from THE USA!

The first two years of business Ticket Platform attempted to use graphic designers from around the world to design its Ticket web sites and pass the savings on to our users, as as the economy took its worst turn almost 2 years ago we found out that there were plenty of talented graphic designer’s right here at home that were willing to produce high quality work, affordable price for their work and communication with them was in real time.  So for the past year all our graphic designs for our custom ticket sites come from some of the most talented designers situated right here in the USA.  Our programmers have always been from the US but now the entire team is home grown.

an illustration of the us with a flag overlay

The reason this blog came into being was that a new potential user was letting us know how our competition was attempting to cut down our product and services and this was one of their stabs at attempting to persuade our new client in having them do their work.

So, we thought it would be a good opportunity to set the record straight and create a new blog post at the same time.  When we did use designers from out of the country we used quality designers and were always upfront with our clients, it’s interesting that there is a stigma in or perception that it’s a negative thing to provide value to the end user.  The reasons we ultimately crossed over were simple.  As our workload increased it was more and more important to streamline and communicate directly with designers and users in a live environment.

This is a good time to talk about an aspect of our design process that is unique to Ticket Platform.  Once you sign up with Ticket Platform to design your new ticket web site you are immediately made part of the design process.  You will interact with your designer and project manager in our project management area.  You will be able to upload files, review design progress, exchange messages, review milestones and collaborate from beginning of the design of your new ticket site all the way to the end.

Our ticket sites are custom ticket sites and come with the best modules and controls to help you succeed.

Well we hope we cleared the air a little, we like to thank the competition for spending so much time thinking and talking about us.

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