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Online Marketing for Ticket Broker Websites

Seriously, how many of you who have been selling tickets for over 10 years ever thought of the day where you had to learn terms like SEO, CPM, text ad, .sig files, backlinks, social network integration and guerrilla marketing?  Should I keep going?  No I think I made the point.  You got into the ticket business because you knew how to buy and sell tickets, well here’s a reality check, today you have to be somewhat knowledgably to get by in the online environment.  Now were not saying you have to know it all, that’s what we’re here for, but the cheese has moved and you better be willing to go out into the unknown and learn how to play.

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Ticket Platform bridges the gap for our users who need a hand in this area.   Even if you’re a seo genius, it’s a full time job and you may need some help.  But realistically the online marketing department at Ticket Platform came to be because it’s not enough to just have a nice looking site, once you get that out of the way it’s time to develop your online marketing program.  The good news is if you got your site build by Ticket Platform the infrastructure of your site was build with search engine optimization in mind, but just because it was build right it doesn’t mean it’s going to automatically drive traffic to your site.

We encourage you to do your due diligence when selecting an online marketing company to help you in this area.  Here are some of our strengths.  Since the inception of our marketing department in June 01, 2011 the first series of client who have thus far signed up are seeing great results.  Secondly we offer all new our potential client with a full in-depth seo report on your site, the niche market you’re working and developing and the best keywords for that space.  We also bring over 20 years of ticket industry to the table which no other online marketing company can claim.  We know the business, you and our industry.

We also create an online sandbox area where you can view the work that is being done for you to reach the goals we set and the progression of your campaign.  The mystery is taken out, everything is on the table and we are producing high ranking keywords for our users.

Take a minute to call 877-411-PLATFORM (7528) ext 2 to discuss the best online marketing package that best suits your online ticket site.

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