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Mobile Ticket Sites Gain Momentum

iPhones and Android powered smart phones are here to stay.  People are using these devices more and more, everywhere you look, someone is providing a status update, checking in, finding a place to eat, and now planning their social calendar.  The front-page article of the USA Today Money section on 5/10/11 was about how the Federal Government is going to call in Executives from Google, Apple, and Microsoft to ask questions about privacy, and specifically about location tracking on the iPhones and Android powered smart phones.  If the government is getting involved, this is a sure sign to businesses that would like to sell more services, that they better get involved or get left behind.  Think about it, do you want to sell tickets on a mobile ticket site or not at all?


More than 44 Billion iPhones are in use and the Android powered smart phones (created by Google) are replacing BlackBerry phones so fast that Research In Motion has no idea what to do.  RIM has already released a tablet powered by Android, and now the rumor is that BlackBerry’s will begin running Android apps to try to reduce the hemorrhaging.  Having amobile ticket website will insure that you can sell tickets on all smart phones and mobile operating systems, even if it is a BlackBerry.  Anyhow, Androids are replacing BlackBerrys as corporations are now allowing employees to make their own phone decisions, and lucky for Google, the Android is available on all cell phone carriers.

The point is, that buyers are using the smart phones all of the time, everywhere.  The question is, how do you sell your tickets or services to these users.  We believe that an Android app, iPhone app, and a mobile ticket site will cover all of your bases and provide a new opportunity to sell more tickets.


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