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Innovation and success in the ticket industry

Innovation and authenticity not plagiarism is one of the key elements to success not only in the ticket industry but most likely in every industry and certainly in life.  At first we use to get upset at the fact that our competitor continuously copied everything we did from adding a puzzle peace to the front page of his site (tm infringement by the way) , to adding similar content and pages and copying our handouts.  But the more we sat with this idea it became clear that they would always play catch up and get the left overs as we paved the way in creating new products, services and unique ways that are just our way of communicating that with your family of clients.  I think Google values that as well.  For some time websites got away with plagiarizing content on their websites thinking that it would do the job and soon Google penalized and even sand boxed many sites that took the short cut.

The same goes with your ticket site.  Your ticket site should be unique and of value to the end user.  Even though there are many online ticket sites in the market place it does not mean you cannot carve a unique niche for yourself and offer something of value to your market.  First and foremost don’t bite off more than you can chew.  Decide who you’re market is and ask yourself does my websites content service this audience.

Then get busy building and developing services and information in addition to your exchange feed to bring them and having them return to your site.  Keep active on your social network pages by not just posting what tickets you are selling at an amazing discounted price but communicate with your market about non ticket related events and news.  Talk to them, share with them and they will communicate back with you.

Once they know you are the real deal and not another cloned online ticket seller you will gain their trust.  Once your brand is associated with their trust then they will come to you for the purchase of their tickets.  Is it that simple?  Yes.  Be real.  Offer quality and think service.  Service. Service. Service.  So to all those who copy you…. Tell them go ahead, have at it, we love that fact that you eat our scraps.

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