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How to make money selling tickets online

Here’s the first thing you should know.  No matter how pretty your website is in and of itself it’s not going to garnish you sales without your effort.  So if you’re not willing to put in at least a few hours a week on your Ticket Network Partner site, Ticket Network Broker site or Ticket Evolution Ticket site than you should reconsider investing the money into a new ticketing website.

Another important factor is to be original in what you share with the work about who you are, what you stand for and why ticket buyers should buy tickets from you and not another online ticket company.  We use to get upset that our competitor would copy everything we did, from copying our monthly subscription business model to copying phrasing and graphics we use in marketing to our users.  Then it became clear to us, let them.  Let them be a follower and you should take head and do not do the same.

Rule number #1 when adding content on your site be sure to be original, innovative and creative.  Make sure the content has purpose and is useful to your audience.  Google algorithms are very intuitive and sensitive to copied material for the same reasons we have listed above.  They want to weed out the follower and imitators and get to the source of helpful information.  Now you can start considering these other points when creating a new ticket website.  By the way make sure to always check Ticket Platform’s Promotions page for the latest price saving when you are ready to build your site.  Not to digress, here are the top 10 things to consider if you are planning to get into the ticket business.

  1. Make sure the domain name of your ticketing website reflects (A) Either your nitch market (B) It contains (B) A short tail keyword within the domain (If you don’t know what that is, contact Ticket Platform online marketing department and they will help you) (C) The domain name is not too long (D) If its an obscure name, know that part of your marketing budget should include ways of developing your brand.
  2. Customizing Your Ticket Site – Just because you like a look of a prominent ticket website that’s known in the industry don’t copy it, make sure you take elements you like, but then put some thought into how your website will be even better.
  3. Make sure color scheme of your new ticket site is pleasing.  Believe it or not but some colors simply turn users away.  Not sure what colors are no no’s?  It’s ok, your Ticket Platform project manager will guide you here.
  4. Make sure you have a solid support team – That means make sure whoever builds you’re site is not rushing you to build your site, take your money and leave you on your own.  If using TicketPlatform.com we become a part of your online team.  Rest assured our main focus is in helping you, not hurrying to take money out of your pocket.
  5. Make sure the site is designed for Conversion – A customized site and traffic to your site are paramount but if you don’t have a site designed for easy flow for conversion what is it good for?  We guide all our users in this area.  If you feel like your design is going in the wrong direction, rest assured we will tell you.  We’ve been doing this long enough to know what works and what does not.
  6. Do not start this business with having Google Analytics set up or Stat Counter set up.  In life you wouldn’t start running blind onto oncoming traffic right?  Well it’s the same thing, why put all this time and effort into a business and not observe what is working and what’s not.  That’s what Google Analytics or Stat Counter does.  Don’t know how to get that set up on your new ticket site?  Don’t worry we do and we will do it for you.
  7. Have a online marketing plan.  Once your site is built you should have an online marking plan based on your budget to start driving traffic to your site.  Our team is here to brain storm with you based on your domain name, region and nitch to come up with a marketing plan that works for you.  If you have the marketing dollars and want to hand this part of the business over to someone, turn it over to Ticket Platform’s online marketing department who’s been garnishing traffic for our clients for the past 2 years.  Or just drop our online marketing department an email anytime and simply ask a question.   We want you to succeed.
  8. Diversify when it comes to marketing.  Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.  That doesn’t mean you should not start with one marketing plan like a PPC (Pay Per Click) program, but always look to diversify with other avenues like social network development or organic SEO development.
  9. Get in the fight.  We hear from users statements like this, “How can I ever compete with (so and so) they have so much money to dump in their seo development? “  This is a 6 billion dollar industry; you can find your nitch and make a good revenue stream for yourself.  Get in the fight.
  10. Be of service and be original – Like we started off this blog, we explained to you the importance of being authentic in what you say, what you do and in the product you provide your clients.  Set the standards and don’t be a copycat, work hard on your nitch and you will succeed.


We hope this blog was of help to you.  Let us know what you think!

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