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How to build a ticket site

Build Ticket Site – 101

Getting in the ticket business and preparing to build a ticket site can be a taunting task.   The first step is to ask yourself do i want to build out this site myself or do i want to get a company like Ticket Platform to build this ticket site for me.  When you build a ticket site the biggest challenge is getting a web services or API from an exchange to function seamlessly on a ticket company website.  This  is the main challenge.  If you can handle that aspect of the web site development then you may not need to go to an outside firm.  Then it becomes about due diligence, comparing products and price options.  Ticket platform has been in the business of handing over turn key powerful ticket sites to users for over 7 years.  The CMS we use, The PXS LightSwitch application easily integrates with the top two exchanges in the industry Ticket Network and Ticket Evolution.


It’s really important to make sure if you are getting a developer to build you a site that the site or application is always kept up to date, that monthly subscription should be an intricate part of that build ticket site criteria. Ticket Platform’s PXS LightSwitch application is always up to date and the subscription fee you pay monthly always covers support, upgrades and hosting.

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