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Benefits of the PXS Application for online ticket sales.

The number one question that new potential users propose to us is “what is the difference between the PXS Application and a static site we can have built for us” The answer is multi fold.  Let’s start off by identifying the clear differences.  Once a ticket site is built for you, the programmer turns the product over to you as is and you own it, which means you are now in charge of keeping up with the technology, code upkeep and technological upkeep of the product.

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Your new ticket site can very easily become obsolete in this ever evolving environment within a couple of years.  With the PXS Application your site is web services ticket web site is always up to date with the latest technology, controls and modules.  In addition our integration with developing the PXS Application on the Sitefinity CMS (content management system) allows our users to use other Sitefinity developers to upload controls and modules that are not a part of the PXS Application.

At Ticket Platform we may think certain modules and controls should be on the PXS Application but you may want more, you simply browse the Sitefinity marketplace and download the module or control you want into your sites backend.  The PXS Application is a product that will continue to grow with the times, as a matter of fact we work hard to develop tools and make them part of the PXS Application intuitively to make your job in selling tickets online easier.

The PXS Application is also affordable.  The concept of giving the best tools in the secondary ticket market to ticket resellers at an affordable price is the cornerstone of the Ticket Platform vision.  Currently with close to 50 subscribers on the PXS Application the value of our product is becoming apparent.   You have a team behind your product, we don’t sell you a web site and hope never to hear from you again.  In contrast we want to provide you with a ticket application that you find value in, that you know is growing with the times and is a win for you.  If the relationship is a win/win we know you will be with us for many years to come.  Our commitment with all the applications we develop is simple.  Make it affordable and make it something of true value for the end user.

At Ticket Platform we work hard to keep focused on that vision.  One last note, we do not farm our business overseas.  Our awesome graphic designers who work on the actual customized design of you ticket site are all ingrown, which means they all live in the United States.  We tried farming the work out to designers in India and other countries, but honestly for a little more we get such higher quality of work, and work stays home.  Both static sites and The PXS Application come with a customized design, but what are you getting for your money?  And are you getting a product that will continue to stay relevant as technology changes or do you have to go back to another programmer in a couple of years and pay another $3000-$5000 to have another site built?

With The PXS Application your all set for $198 a month.  The application is always up to date with the latest and best tools to help you, the online ticket seller to succeed.  If you win, we win.


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