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Mobile Ticket Website and Applications

iPhone / Android Application Options:

iPhone or Android (3.0)

$1500and $250/month

MobileTixx Website

$400and $50/month

Ticket Platform will build you iPhone App, Android App and Mobile Ticket Website with your brand and connect you to your clients with a professional and affordable phone application for your ticket site. As an online Ticket Seller part of your outreach should be partially focused on your phone users. The new wave of ticketing mixes this form of communication in conjunction with online marketing program, are you growing or fading? Ticket Platform partnership with Mobile Ticket App allows our users an affordable way to finally have a phone application for the ticket company without breaking the bank. With our help you will extend your ticket sales to all mobile devices for ticket purchases anywhere and anytime. Your retail buyers can easily find tickets in their geographic location and share their experience with other vie the built in social media tools. Your App will be created by our expert developers in approximately two weeks. Terms of use: Your phone application is a subscription based application and any past due subscriptions may result in disruption to your service. You may also cancel your subscription at any time with a written notice. Please send all inquiries to support@ticketplatform.com or make your request via creating a support ticket.

Mobile Ticket Website

Key Features of Mobile Ticket App 3.0

  • New eTickets and Owned Tickets Marker
  • Refined home screen
  • Easily change location
  • Easily change the search radius
  • Search by date for events
  • Standard Features include:
    • News – a page within the app to promote information about your company—this is also an excellent page for Mobile Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Promo – a page for your promotions
    • Sell – receive offers from your users to buy their tickets
    • Push Notification – a system message sent by the broker to re-engage the user into the app.  Example “Save $20 off an order of $100 or more with promo code BuyNow”
    • Super Search – The most advanced search system on an app.  Suggests search queries and saves recent searches.
  • Ticket screen features include:
    • Venue maps
    • Sorting
    • Price filter
    • Reminders
    • Whole new social media tool allowing for every social media network
    • Users can create “Favorite” events for easy access on repeat uses
    • My Artists allows a user to easily find concerts based on their music library (iPhone only)
    • Call feature is on every screen.
    • Sports events are shown with home and away listings
    • Concerts and Theater have an alphabetic listing and date listing
    • Venues are listed by alphabet
    • “This Week” is displayed by date so users can easily find events