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"This is awesome! I never thought I would see the day my keywords on the 1st page of Google. Eric knows how to make Magic Happen! I am ready to have a huge ticket season thanks your company's hard work and dedication. Thanks Again."

Jarred P, Big Country Inc

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SEO Starter Pack

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SEO for the Online Ticket Industry

Ticket Platform SEO services are provided for Ticket Platform client and non-Ticket Platform client. If you're a non-Ticket Platform client we recommend starting off by allowing us to evaluate your current website to see how receptive it will be for SEO development. We will identify areas of weakness and also be able to build on previous work that you may have done that was worthwhile.

If you are using the Ticket Platform CMS (PXS LightSwitch tm) then you’re in good hands and we know your system is receptive to SEO development. The SEO Evaluation is absolutely FREE and there is no obligation. If you choose to utilize our team for SEO development, that would be great. If not, no problem. The report is yours absolutely for FREE to utilize any way you wish.


Results, that's what matters!

Ticket Platform's SEO marketing is the only online marketing company that specializes in the Ticket Industry. No other online marketing firm can say that but us. Our affordable SEO starter package helps you test the water with what our team can do. If you need to go big and expand a win/win customized package will be setup for you. With the best American SEO geniuses at the helm of SEO development we are ready to show you results.

Ticket Platform conducts extensive research on your competitors, analyzes your current website, and identifies ways to help draw more traffic to you organically. User experience, inbound and outbound linking, presence in virtual communities and registration with local directories are all a part of an effective SEO campaign.

No Conflict Guarantee - Since we service clients within the same industry we only market a specific Performers, Venues or Events for that client and no other. So let’s say you secure SEO on "One Direction" as one of your URL’s, guess what for as long as we're marketing your online program that Performer is yours and no one else's. We will not do SEO work on the same Performer, Venue or Event for two different clients.

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Your company has something to offer that consumers want. By optimizing your website with search terms that users are typing into engines, your likelihood to improve search engine ranks is greatly increased. If it sounds simple, it isn't. There's a lot more to effective SEO than just finding the right keywords.

Search Engine Optimization through Ticket Platform gets our users results.   With our zero conflict rule if we are running an SEO campaign for you for a certain performer, that performer comes off the shelf and can not be offered to any other ticket site.  Search Engine Optimization can be a daunting task to undertake, we understand that.  Many of our clients come to us having been burned by previous providers and are hesitant to try again.  Our SEO team has been at this for over 5 years and have adapted to Google’s ever changing algorithms and as a result our clients are still in the game.

Search engine optimization

should also be a transparent process.  Our team logs every ounce of work for our clients and our clients have full access to over look and see the work that is being done for them.  We also believe that it’s important to start small and build on your campaign as you see it working for you.  That is why we offer a start pack so you can see how we work and the results we get.  Once our clients see our work ethic and results then they feel more comfortable adding more pages for SEO services through us.  Our work was recently featured on ESPN.  We got page 1 ranking for our client for “BCS Tickets”, you can view the article by clicking here

In short, we are here to show you what we can do in black and white.  It’s true getting organic results does not happen overnight and there is a time period in development but you should be able to see results and the work going in for your SEO development from the get go.  We want to help you.  If you’re interested in getting your search engine optimization program started, our SEO starter pack is the way to go.

search engine optimization

search engine optimization