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Online Marketing Services

Online Marketing for the Ticket Industry

At Ticket Platform Online Marketing, we provide a multitude of creative Internet marketing strategies and services specific to the ticket industry and most importantly get results.  From SEO and SERP development, Social Network development, all the way to unique programs such as PPC training to Satellite blog sites specific to a performer, venue or event, we’ve got you covered.  At its core is our ability to assist you in understanding your place in the market and  help you choose the right path in achieving your online marketing goals. We are ready to get you qualified traffic and develop your online presence on the world wide web and then turn those visitors into conversions.

We will help you define your niche and guid you in selecting the best keywords possible based on real tangible data.  We offer a full online marketing report of your site free of charge to all potential online marketing client in order to clarify the landscape ahead and help you make good choices moving forward in the new arena.  With this report you will have better insight on how to proceed (SEO or PPC).

Online Marketing Paths To Travel

Is the PPC (Pay Per Click) or Adwords Campaigns Programs where you should start?  Or developing your Facebook and Twitter followers?  Should you start with SEO on 3 URL’s or take a bigger bite?  These are all valid questions and honestly the answer is different for each of our users.  After an extensive conversation, analytic review of your site and goals in mind, we can make our recommendations on the path you should take.  What we are most proud of is the fact that no matter which online marketing path you choose, we have affordable packages to get you started.  The biggest challenge for most ticket sellers is adapting to this new way of doing business. At Ticket Platform, we understand that and have come up with affordable marketing solutions to get you started and most importantly get you results.  We set realistic benchmarks and work with you in a very transparent fashion so you can be a part of developing your online marketing strategy.

PPC Training & Setup – For our Pay Per Click starter programs we offer a starter package in addition to the comprehensive report that will help you in getting started. We will set everything up for you, account settings with Google, Analytics, Webmaster tools and conversion codes.  We also analyze and test your landing pages for optimum performance leading to a friendly conversion friendly checkout page.

For our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Programs, we will guide you and help you to understand the landscape and guide you to wisely select the best performer, venue or event to go after.  Our multi-layered SEO approach has garnished phenomenal results for our current users.  We will be more than happy to refer you to some current users so they can share their experience.  With our affordable SEO programs you will see the daily work flow that is being compiled on your behalf by your personal SEO manager.  You will see your keyword ranking rise right before your eyes.  Does this sound too good to be true?  It’s not. It’s real and it’s working for our current users.  We have a great SEO starter pack program and customized SEO programs to help any size ticket company that wants to succeed in getting their pages ranked.  Our SEO packages can be paired with a robust Social Network Development program to help synergize your online marketing development and help take you to the next level.

Social Network Development – Is it hard to get people to “like” your Facebook fan page.  Have you mustered 150 fans in a few months?  How about we give you 1000 qualified fans a month?  Take a peek at our various Facebook Fan gathering packages and see what best fits your needs.

Satellite Blog Sites – are the newest product unleashed by the Ticket Platform marketing team, adding to your online marketing arsenal in helping you succeed on the web.  Ticket websites specifically built around one performer, venue  or event developed and maintained by professional staff writers and SEO technicians, designed to rapidly work  their way into the upper eschalance on Google’s Top SERP (search engine result pages).

At Ticket Platform we understand that many online ticket sellers did not get into the business selling tickets to wake up to having to deal with internet marketing strategies, having to have to go back to school to better understand the online world.  We take that weight off of your shoulders for an affordable price so you can do what you do best and that is selling tickets.  Let’s Get Started!